Q&A: The difference between Bookmarks and Files list.

The ScanDir main menu has the option to add and maintain Bookmarks (Ctrl+B). The Item list context menu has the option “Add to Files to File list”. Selected files appear under the Files tab.

Q: What is the difference between “add to bookmarks” and “add to File list” ?

A: Bookmarks can only contain Directory or Folder entries, the File list can contain both Directory and file entries.

Bookmarks are accessed and managed through the main menu, the File list is accessed and managed through the [FILES] tab.

Files list
ScanDir – Files list

ScanDir Version 1.2 released

On May 29, 2014 ScanDir Version 1.2 has been officially released.

ScanDir Version 1.2 is a multi function file and directory utility for use on Windows computers. ScanDir can copy, move, rename or delete groups of files and / or directories based upon multiple selection criteria.

ScanDir Version 1.2 freeware is available in portable program format (scandir12.zip) as well as a Windows installer file (setup_12.exe). Visit the ScanDir website to download the latest version of this versatile tool.